DECOMBE  As a practising artist, independent curator and qualified teacher, and after the many years teaching and mentoring young adults within the Western educational systems in France, U.K. and Hong Kong, a more profound understanding and insight have been gained as to what meets students of today’s demanding environments. However, when a student does not find the process of learning enjoyable, then knowledge, skills and passing exams are all but empty gestures and hollow laughter. The success and the pleasure of learning can only be fulfilled when students are truly engaged into meaningful enquiries; seeking and discovering their own interests on a personal level and their place within the current world. This involves personal drive, curiosity and practical and intellectual explorations that along with knowledge, will unlock imagination. 3rd Wave's raison d'etre is to setting up such a path to benefit the future generation, providing an environment to think, take risks, and create independently and critically, ultimately exploring their vision.