CHARMESA multi-disciplinary artist drawing living inspiration from diverse and wide-ranging individuals of all cultural backgrounds, employing and engaging in mediums such as painting, sculpture and performance art for the past 20 years. The teaching posts he simultaneously holds at several academic institutions such as HKU, UST and at the IVE where he gained experiences teaching fine art provide the opportunity to allow him to better understand the intricate relations where art begins and mere physicality ends - where the energy of creativity and ambivalence through experimentation and feedbacks resonate within us all. Without culture, we have no standing. Without art, we have not experienced life. 3rd Wave is that bridge between people who are eager to meet and share this renewed language of what art is saying today. A place for the gifted and challenged. A place to learn and learn to unlearn ourselves, to discover and experiment on ideas and frontiers that refuse to be labelled or reduced.