Our Programmes are open to all backgrounds and welcome cross-disciplinary practices, with particular experiences and attention in fine art, contemporary music, architecture studies, fashion, to name but a few. 3rd Wave will offer students the opportunities to be exposed to an array of disciplines and points of view through lectures, workshops, critiques, screenings, talks, seminars, and field trips (artists’ studio, exhibitions and specific site visits). Their research and achievements will be given a chance to be showcased in the end of year exhibition at the Xevarion institute gallery.


3rd Wave’s motto is to explore collectively the ways to generate ideas and unlock imagination. The majority of the class sessions are dedicated to the exploration of ideas through activities, research, critical and lateral thinking exercises. It is our priority to inspire each students to develop a stronger sense of initiative, independence, responsibility and ownership of the work that they themselves hold true, and that we at 3rd wave will continuously evaluate and refine with each individual student throughout the course duration.


Within a multidisciplinary environment and regular speakers’ interactions, we are here to help and guide you on

your journey to develop your creativity; pro as well as retro-actively looking for solution and produce remedies. It’s only when being actively inquisitive that new connections will bridge, and genuine imagination – that elusive sparks of the human mind, will emerge.


Programme details:


- Semester programme (Sept-Jan and Feb-June) composed of a 2-hour session twice a week. 

End of year exhibition will be held in August.

- Summer programme from 2021: International art field trip (July or August)


Each student will be assessed independently prior to their

joining of the course.

For more information, please contact us by email

The tailored mentorship programme is open to students aiming to develop their art practice towards tertiary art education, or young artist wishing to re-examine their art practice, focusing specifically on: 


- Development of a body of work 

- Portfolio building and communication 


We’ll explore and amplify each student’s distinctive vision across a wide range of mediums and techniques in relation to their unique personality. Creativity will be encouraged through the application of practical skills, as well as experimentations driven by specific concepts and ideas. 


Our priority will be to help you to explore your artistic integrity and provide guidance to pursue your enquiry in parallel directions, empowering you to identify and express your own issues and goals, investigate routes to explore these concepts both intellectually and practically. We’ll set up signposts and directions personalised to your journey or your destination, presenting you with multi-disciplinary references and genres within the arts and beyond. There should be no limit to one’s imagination and even so for the source of your inspiration. 


Organisational skill is an important element which we’ll help you to master with a methodology suited to your need and timeframe. Nothing can progress nor be achieved without serious time dedication and personal motivation: There’s no coincidence and we don’t believe in luck. 


In addition, we view time as the quintessential element that without which, art simply cannot take shape. The current world that we are living in is so accelerated to the point that individuals no longer enjoy the luxury of time. We emphasize that our students learn to reclaim time and make time in order to live a fuller life. 


Each student’ skills requirement will be discussed prior to their joining of the mentorship programme. 


For more information, please contact us by email

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